I realized this week that my whole life I’ve been looking for someone…

I realized this week that my whole life I’ve been looking for someone…

I realized this week that my whole life I’ve been looking for someone or something to tell me the truth of things and I finally mustered up the courage to realize that if the divine exists it exists in me and through me. And it takes courage to take responsibility not just for yourself but for the people around you but I’m really ready to do that now.

So I wrote a song about it. And recorded it on my IPhone. And now I’m posting it before I change my mind.

Thank you Ibonne Demogines for helping me find something worthwhile to say, and Brett Manning for helping me find my voice again. Alexio Kawara, you and I are going to do some amazing things this fall and it will be my privilege to share the stage with you. 


Answer – Wil Seabrook

One foot in darkness
One foot in light
That’s how I’ve made my way
My heart in good places
but haunted by traces
of demons I hide

One foot in sorrow
One foot inside
Of all that I’d like to say
But which of the faces
And which of the spaces
will I occupy

It’s been awhile since you smiled
Been awhile since you let me know
What you’re thinking
And I know it’s not your style
But I need to hear you feel like
Our ship’s not sinking

All my life I’ve been searching for
One good thing
To quiet my soul and give back control
To give it to me
All my days I’ve been hoping that
Life would bring
An answer from above
To fill me with love
But the answer was me

My head in tomorrow
And all I could be
Bright colors I paint the day
Deep down I know
The size of the show
That’s burning in me

My heart filled with sorrow
From all I have seen
Hands cuffed with chains I’ve made
Scared to let go
On with that show
Knowing all I have been


The Answer Was Me – Wil Seabrooksoundcloud.com|By rock-for-human-rights

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